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dVault™ Private Delivery Boxes provide intelligent, secure delivery of packages and mail for the age of the Internet. With the dVault™ Collection Vaults, the carrier can deliver a package without signature, and the package remains secure and protected from elements and tampering until the owner can retrieve the delivery. The dVault™ information system software provides electronic or email notification of package delivery. Combined, the dVault™ product line offers a unique solution for homeowners, commercial buildings and governmental agencies seeking a smart parcel bin.

The dVault™ Information Systems (DIS) provide automatic date and time-stamp delivery notification, electronic signature/release, tracking and numerous reporting functions. Our patented systems provide merchants, shippers and consumers with the information they want and need utilizing capital equipment and information infrastructures already in place.

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Deposit Vault w/Pedestal
All dVault models have been design engineered with the primary purpose of accepting the delivery of packages and mail. The information systems are options and are easily added.

Constructed of heavy-duty 16 gauge steel, these vaults are for parcels only. Rear access doors are provided with key locks for security.

dVault products provide package and mail deliveries with assured security. All models incorporate the dVault Information System (DIS) for shippers, merchants and consumers. Never worry about package theft again.

dVault products eliminate redeliveries and do not require that you be present for couriers. All models provide keyless entry for deliveries. The optional dVault Information System will notify you of your delivery.

The dVault Information System (DIS) provides customers with valuable tracking, electronic signature/release and time-stamp delivery notification to merchants, shippers, and customers. The DIS system will be officially rolled-out in the near future.

Each registered unit will have a dVault ID plate attached. When a delivery is made, the courier scans the parcel and the DIS ID plate, and then places the parcel into the vault. This process automatically creates a date and time-stamp delivery notification to merchants, shippers, and consumers.

Options for all vaults includes the availability of aluminum construction and rear code-locked access doors. All models are also available in custom colors on orders of 100 or more, call for details.

Includes pedestal.
19"W x 52"H x 19"D


Standard Features:
• Constructed of Heavy-Duty, 16 Gauge Steel
• Easy Installation
• Keyless Entry Systems for Carriers
• Durable Powder Coated Poly-Hammer Finish
• Stainless Steel Hinges and Fasteners

• Key-Locked Package-Drop Hold
• Outgoing Compartment
• Custom Colors or Aluminum
• Pushbutton Locks for Access Doors - Min Qty 25
• 3-Point Locking System
• Patented Information Systems

Color Options:
Black, Gray, White, Copper Vein, Sand

Deposit Vault w/Pedestal
Rear View

Deposit Vault w/Pedestal
Open View
Available Options:
Color Options

Lock Type

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