101C Modular Enclosures are a rear loading, low cost alternative to meet your centralized mail delivery needs. The 101C Freestanding Modular Enclosures are a durable and secure system that can provide mailboxes, parcel lockers, mail and parcel drops, as well as stamp machines and currency changes in both indoor and outdoor environments. Various configurations and model options offer the flexibility required to outfit almost any centralized mailing application. Versatility, high security, and extremely low maintenance requirements are just a few of the features of these mini postal stations.

101D36 36' Access Door
  Depending on your application, a door module is available in a width of either 24" or 36" for access to the rear of your 101C configuration.

The 101D36 is 36"W x 16-1/2"D x 86"H.

101Ds are made to accommodate the U.S.P.S. Arrow lock. A private lock is available.

Click here to download a PDF version of 101C configurations.


Available Options:
Color Options
  • Oak (NULL0.00)
  • Walnut (NULL0.00)
  • Slate (NULL0.00)
  • White (NULL0.00)
  • Blue (NULL0.00)
Lock Type
  • USPS Service Arrow Lock (NULL0.00)
  • Private Service Gem Lock (+25.00)