Constructed of aluminum, Horizontal Apartment Mailboxes are recess mounted and are highly customizable. The front door panel is mounted on a continuous hinge; front loading models require one compartment of each unit for a master postal or commercial lock, and rear loading models are equipped with a standard rear cover.

1700/3600-85 Horizontal Series - 8 High by 5 Wide Rear/Front Loading Mailbox Unit
Horizontal Series -  8 High by 5 Wide Rear/Front Loading Mailbox Unit
The 1700/910 Series Rear/Front Loading Horizontal Mailboxes are constructed of all aluminum extrusions and materials. Standard 910 series mailboxes are the choice when space is a concern. Modules are manufactured without integral trim and the compartments are 5" high x 4" wide.
Standard modules are 7, 8, 9 or 10 boxes high and 4 or 5 boxes wide. All doors operate on continous hinges and are 1/8" extruded aluminum with engraved door identification. Locks are 5 pin cylinder cam type with 3 keys (1500 changes).

FRONT LOADING: Master door swings on a continous hinge. one compartment is required for access and cannot be used for mail delivery. The access door is equipped with a private lock. When multiple modules are used in one location all master doors can be keyed alike for convenience.

REAR LOADING: All compartments are usable for incoming mail. Lift-off or hinged rear covers are available.

Download 910 Series Specifications

Standard Features:
• 3, 4, or 5 Compartments Wide
• 5, 6 or 7 Compartments High
• Customizable
• Integral Trim
• 3/4" Engraving
• 5-pin Cylinder Locks
• Clear Anodized Finish
• Multiple Door Sizes
• Front or Rear loading

• Parcel Lockers
• Mail Slots
• Snap on Trim Alternative
• Combination Locks
• Spring Latch Lock
• Windows/card holders
• Black Lettering
• Keyed Alike
• Prepared for Keyed-In Cylinders
• Custom Sizes
• Silver, Bronze or Gold Powder Coating
• Horizontal or Vertical Directories

Horizontal Series -  8 High by 5 Wide Rear/Front Loading Mailbox Unit