Constructed of aluminum, Horizontal Apartment Mailboxes are recess mounted and are highly customizable. The front door panel is mounted on a continuous hinge; front loading models require one compartment of each unit for a master postal or commercial lock, and rear loading models are equipped with a standard rear cover.

N1027860 4C Front Loading, Single Column
4C Front Loading, Single Column
Three Door 4C
• USPS STD-4C mailbox systems are mandatory on all New Construction/Major Renovations as of 10/5/06
• Exceeds security requirements for the entire receptacle
• Tested for acceptance in both indoor and outdoor applications

Download 4C Series Specifications

Standard Features:
•Constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with stainless steel components
• Flush surface design, concealed Stainless Steel hinges and interlocking master doors making tampering and prying next to impossible
• Only vendor with a double wall doors construction at a single wall door price
•Closer tolerances of each box reduces the size of pry points
• Units feature the new USPS-1172 910A lock with 3 keys and a protective lock rim
• Improved locking system for tenant compartments secure in four places including the hinge side
• Carrier access door provides easy access for Postal carrier to release master loading doors
• Each unit comes with an outgoing mail slot and carrier access door
• Outgoing mail slot features a saw tooth guard to prevent mail from being fished out
• Larger units include tamper resistant parcel locker doors
• Corrosion resistant, weatherproof powder coat finish protects units from vandalism and the elements
• Units quickly install between wall studs

Rough Opening Width: 16 1/4"
Actual Width: 16"
Opening Minimum Depth: 17"

Available Options:
AF - Color Options
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