Constructed of aluminum, Horizontal Apartment Mailboxes are recess mounted and are highly customizable. The front door panel is mounted on a continuous hinge; front loading models require one compartment of each unit for a master postal or commercial lock, and rear loading models are equipped with a standard rear cover.

3713D-14 4C Front Loading, Double Column
4C Front Loading, Double Column
4C Horizontal
• USPS STD-4C mailbox systems are mandatory on all New Construction/Major Renovations as of 10/5/06
• 14 Tenant Doors, 1 Outgoing Compartment and two 15" Parcel Locker


Standard Features:
• Unit made of heavy gauge aluminum and stainless steel hardware
• Standard mailbox door (MB1) is 13-1/4"W x 3-1/4"H and includes a heavy duty five (5) pin cylinder cam lock with a dust/rain shield and three (3) keys
• Units feature a durable powder coated aluminum finish and include factory installed 1/2" x 1/4" D trim
• A compartment equivalent to two (2) 3-1/4" high standard doors is used for outgoing mail collection, has a 10-3/4"W x 3/4"H mail slot and a weather protection hood
• Units designed for indoor and outdoor use
• Front loading units include one (1) or two (2) master door(s) that swing(s) on continuous integral hinges. The two high outgoing mail compartment includes that U.S.P.S. master lock access door and cannot be used for mail distribution. The rear of the unit incorporates a solid closed back.
• Aluminum Finish
• Each module is 17" in depth

4C Front Loading, Double Column
Available Options:
Salsbury 4C Color Option
  • Bronze Finish 9 (+145.00)
  • Gold Finish 9 (+145.00)
  • None
Salsbury 4C Options
  • None
  • Custom Engraved Doors, 14 Door (+56.00)
  • Custom Engraved Placards, 14 Door (+42.00)