The classic mailboxes, these units are manufactured with extruded aluminum doors in 5 different sizes and are designed to fit into the Rack Ladder System, Rotary Mail Centers or the 101C Modular Enclosures.

The Rack Ladder System is a rear loading modular system used most commonly by the US Postal Service. The rack ladders support five mailbox or parcel locker modules to form a column. One column requires 2 rack ladders and each additional column in the same bank requires one additional rack ladder. With a variety of unit types and sizes to choose from, the rack ladder system allows mixing and matching of units according to delivery needs.

SS10 5 x 2 Horizontal Letter Boxes
  Used With Horizontal Mailboxes

Please call for custom configuration.
23 1/2"W x 30"H x 15 1/2"D


Standard Features:
• Front or Rear loading
• 3/4" H x 10"W Letter Slot
• 1"H Engraving

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