The Rotary Mail Center provides a unique, patented solution for quick set-up of centralized mail systems where space is limited or conventional wall mount installations may be prohibited. The inner cabinet unlocks, rotates 180 to allow employee servicing, and rotates back to the locked position for customer access. For a low cost alternative check out our Roll-arounds.

101RBD2 Rotary with Bundle Drop & 2 PO Box Sections
Rotary with Bundle Drop & 2 PO Box Sections
Constructed of 16 gauge vinyl-coated steel, these heavy duty units are designed to hold a bundle drop and 2 HSS PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers.

To operate, the postal carrier unlocks the USPS-supplied arrow "Y" lock that activates two lock rods at the top & bottom of the cabinet. Private locks (Gem Locks) are available for non-USPS service.

The inner cabinet rotates 180 degrees so that the rear faces the front. After distributing the mail, the inner cabinet is rotated back to the customer position. An optional rear cover is available if the unit is not positioned against a wall.

30"W x 24"D x 74"H


Available Options:
Color Options
  • Oak (NULL0.00)
  • Walnut (NULL0.00)
  • Slate (NULL0.00)
  • White (NULL0.00)
  • Blue (NULL0.00)
Lock Type
  • USPS Service Arrow Lock
  • Private Service Gem Lock, Keyed Alike (+21.00)
  • Private Service Gem Lock, Keyed Differently (+21.00)
Rotary Back Panel
  • No
  • Yes (+90.00)
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