The Rotary Mail Center provides a unique, patented solution for quick set-up of centralized mail systems where space is limited or conventional wall mount installations may be prohibited. The inner cabinet unlocks, rotates 180 to allow employee servicing, and rotates back to the locked position for customer access. For a low cost alternative check out our Roll-arounds.

RP/BP Rotary Back Panel


Available Options:
Color Options
  • Oak (NULL0.00)
  • Walnut (NULL0.00)
  • Slate (NULL0.00)
  • White (NULL0.00)
  • Blue (NULL0.00)
Model #
  • 101R
  • 101R2MD
  • 101R60
  • 101RBD
  • 101RBD2
  • 101RBD3
  • 101RMDBD
  • 101RS
  • 101RS2
  • 101RS53D
  • 101RS53DMD
  • 101RS60
  • 101RS60MD
  • 101RSMD
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