DVC50023 - Collection Vault Confiscated Item Bin
Confiscated Item Bin
The same Security Collection Unit used in Airports by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can now be part of your security equipment!

Great for use in...

• Security Industry
• Law Enforcement
• Public Arenas (Stadiums/Concert Halls)
• Financial Industry
• Courier Industry
• Medical Industry
• Disposal Depository
• Video/DVD Rental Industry
• University and Campus
• Libraries and Schools

Product Information

• Galvannealed 16 Guage Steel
• Security-Drop Door - US Pat. 6,347,737
• Front Key Locked Access Door
• Removable Totes (Available)
• Stainless Steel Hinges
• Weather Resistant
• Durable Powder Coated Poly-Hammer Finish

• Weight - 90 lbs.
• Overall Dimensions 19"W x 40"H x 19"D


Standard Features:
• Front Access Collection Door (rear access an option)
• Patented Security Package Drop Door
• Heavy Duty Collection Tote

Color Options:
Black, Gray, White, Copper Vein, Sand

Available Options:
Color Options
  • Copper (NULL0.00)
  • Black (NULL0.00)
  • Grey (NULL0.00)
  • Sand (NULL0.00)
  • White (NULL0.00)
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